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Acai Berry Pulp: Where To Buy Frozen Acai Pulp

Many people are wondering where they can buy frozen acai because fresh acai berry pulp is available only in Brazil. Acai berry is only found in parts of Brazil and the fruit’s high fat content (about 30% to 50%) causes it to spoil very quickly after being picked-typically within 24 hours. Fortunately, manufacturers have found a way to preserve fresh acai berry and get it to other parts of the country and the rest of the world by freezing the pulp of the fruit!

Even residents of Rio de Janeiro, the second largest city of Brazil,
do not have access to fresh acai!

This is because the areas where acai palm trees grow are too far away. The berries would be spoiled even before they got to Rio de Janeiro. Because of this, Rio is known to be one of the largest consuming areas of frozen acai pulp. They are known around the world for the famous “Acai Rio Bowls.”

Frozen acai pulp is made by having the fresh acai berries undergo a process called flash freezing. This is a commonly-used technology in the food industry to freeze easily perishable foods quickly. In the case of this fruit, flash freezing the pulp within 24 hours is critical to retain the fruit’s nutrients. Ideally, the pulp should be frozen within 18 hours for optimal nutrient and taste retention.

One aspect of frozen acai that gives it an advantage over other forms of acai berry like freeze-dried acai powder and acai in capsules is its unique berry and chocolate flavor – the natural flavor of acai berries. You absolutely don’t taste anything with capsules and the powder isn’t nearly as tasty as the frozen pulp. Frozen acai is usually ready-to-eat or can also be mixed in recipes such as smoothies and the famous Rio-style acai bowls previously mentioned.

However, because of the shipping and packaging limitations associated with frozen acai berry pulp, not many manufacturers in the industry are able to produce and deliver high-quality acai pulp to the consuming public.

Consumers want to know where they can buy the highest-quality frozen acai pulp
since fresh acai is impossible to come by!

buy frozen acai pulpIf you’re one of those looking for a good source of great-quality and great-tasting acai berry pulp, you need not look any further than the high-quality Acai Roots Buckets by Acai Roots. As we noted in our Acai Roots review, the individuals who started the company and developed their products are Brazilians based in Rio de Janeiro so they are very knowledgeable about the fruit itself and the technologies involved to produce only the best products.

Acai Roots has been operating since 2005 and have a full line of acai products including frozen acai pulp, freeze-dried acai powder, acai in capsules, and acai juices. The company ships to countries all over the world and has fantastic customer service to boot.

Their Acai Roots Buckets (frozen acai) come in 1 gallon or two gallon buckets. They aren’t the cheapest as a gallon will set you back just shy of $55 at the time of this writing. You can get $20 off if you order 2 gallons but that’s still fairly expensive. When it comes to health products like this, though, you get what you pay for. With Acai Roots Buckets you are getting the highest quality frozen acai you can find.

Now you need not worry about where to buy frozen acai pulp.
You can find the best frozen acai from Acai Roots!


i was wondering where I could purchase acai puree in the Pittsburgh, Pa area? any suggestions? thanks

I was wondering where I could purchase acai puree in the Pittsburgh, Pa area? thanks.

I was wondering where I could purchace acai puree in the Pittsburgh, Pa area?

I live in Los Angeles, Ca. I’d to know where I can get acai.

Thank you

you can find at Gelsons market at the frozen food section it cost 5.99 a big bag with 4 little bags inside and you just blend with some bananas or strawberries to make like an ice cream and eat with cereal ou fruit and also make smoothie. I have been eating since I went to visit Brazil, they have one Acailand in every corner , I got hook up on this power food and I’ve feeling very healthy.


They berries are preserved via flash freezing. Because of this method, very little (if any) of the nutritional value is lost. That’s why it’s important to know how the acai is processed before you buy it. The brands I recommend on this site use flash freezing. The pulp is flash frozen, the powder is FREEZE dried powder, and the capsules contain FREEZE dried powder.

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Why do you pasturize the berries ?!?
Doesn’t that ruin the nutritional value ?


Usted puede comprar acai de cualquiera de las empresas encontrar aquí:


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Buen día, me gustaría saber cómo y donde puedo adquirir sus productos de acai.
Vivo en Valencia Venezuela.

Buen día, quisiera saber cómo y donde puedo adquirir sus productos de acai.

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